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III - FundFactsheet

tkn:ObjectiveHead;: tkn:FundObjective;

Annual Rebate Annual rebate on
£10,000 holding
tkn:TerOfcHeading;   Initial Charge /
Dealing Charge
tkn:AnnualRebate; tkn:IndicativeAnnual; tkn:TerOfcValue; tkn:Initial; / £10
  tkn:ChargeName;  Star Rating tkn:RiskLevelName;   12 Month Performance
tkn:InitialCharge; tkn:StarRating; tkn:RiskRating; tkn:YearHigh; tkn:YearLow;
Quick Stats Purchase info
Currency: tkn:Currency; Change on day tkn:PercentageChange; Sector tkn:SectorName; Min: tkn:Min;
Bid price: tkn:Bid; YTD return tkn:Ytd; tkn:FundSizeHead;(£m) tkn:FundSize; ISA: tkn:Isa;
Mid price: tkn:Mid; Yield tkn:Yield; tkn:FundTypeHead; tkn:FundType; tkn:DiscountHead; tkn:DiscountPremium;
Offer price tkn:Offer; Type tkn:Type; tkn:LaunchDateHead; tkn:LaunchDate; tkn:GearingHead; tkn:Gearing;
Performance - View all
Key Chart Instrument 1 mth 6 mths 1 yr 3 yrs
tkn:FundName; tkn:Fp1m; tkn:Fp6m; tkn:Fp12m; tkn:Fp36m;
tkn:SectorName; tkn:Sp1m; tkn:Sp6m; tkn:Sp12m; tkn:Sp36m;
tkn:NAVFundName; tkn:NAVp1m; tkn:NAVp6m; tkn:NAVp12m; tkn:NAVp36m;

tkn:BreakdownHeading; - as at tkn:FactDate;
tkn:AlterBreakdownHeading; - click here
tkn:BreakdownType; % of fund
tkn:BreakdownName; tkn:Weight;
tkn:Sector; tkn:Region;

Sector/Region weightings are currently unavailable



Fund Manager


Click here for Fund manager’s performance biography

Since: tkn:ManagerSince;


Alpha Manager
tkn:FundManager; is an FE Alpha Manager who has maintained a consistently high alpha score over a proven track record in rising and falling markets.

Quick Stats
tkn:Title1; tkn:Value1; tkn:Title2; tkn:Value2; tkn:Title3; tkn:Value3;
Purchase & Other Information
tkn:Title; tkn:Value;
Performance Chart in (tkn:Currency;)


Past performance is not a guide to future performance. Fund performance data doesn’t take into account fees and expenses which are specific to individual plans. Details are available on request.

Cumulative Performance in tkn:Currency;
  3 mth 6 mth 1 yr 3 yr 5 yr
tkn:FundNameInTable; tkn:Fp3m; tkn:Fp6m; tkn:Fp12m; tkn:Fp36m; tkn:Fp60m;
Sector tkn:Sp3m; tkn:Sp6m; tkn:Sp12m; tkn:Sp36m; tkn:Sp60m;
Relative to sector tkn:RelativeP3m; tkn:RelativeP6m; tkn:RelativeP12m; tkn:RelativeP36m; tkn:RelativeP60m;
Rank within sector tkn:R3m; tkn:R6m; tkn:R12m; tkn:R36m; tkn:R60m;
Quartile tkn:Q3m; tkn:Q6m; tkn:Q12m; tkn:Q36m; tkn:Q60m;
Discrete Annual Performance to Last Quarter End in tkn:Currency;
  0-12m 12m-24m 24m-36m 36m-48m 48m-60m
tkn:FundNameInTable; tkn:QEFpt12m; tkn:QEFp12t24m; tkn:QEFp24t36m; tkn:QEFp36t48m; tkn:QEFp48t60m;
Sector tkn:QESpt12m; tkn:QESp12t24m; tkn:QESp24t36m; tkn:QESp36t48m; tkn:QESp48t60m;
Relative to sector tkn:QERelativePt12m; tkn:QERelativeP12t24m; tkn:QERelativeP24t36m; tkn:QERelativeP36t48m; tkn:QERelativeP48t60m;
Rank within sector tkn:QERt12M; tkn:QER12t24M; tkn:QER24t36M; tkn:QER36t48M; tkn:QER48t60M;
Quartile tkn:QEQt12M; tkn:QEQ12t24M; tkn:QEQ24t36M; tkn:QEQ36t48M; tkn:QEQ48t60M;
Performance by Calendar Year in tkn:Currency;
  YTD tkn:CalHead1; tkn:CalHead2; tkn:CalHead3; tkn:CalHead4;
tkn:FundNameInTable; tkn:FpYtd; tkn:Fpt12m; tkn:Fp12t24m; tkn:Fp24t36m; tkn:Fp36t48m;
Sector tkn:SpYtd; tkn:Spt12m; tkn:Sp12t24m; tkn:Sp24t36m; tkn:Sp36t48m;
Relative to sector tkn:RelativePYtd; tkn:RelativePt12m; tkn:RelativeP12t24m; tkn:RelativeP24t36m; tkn:RelativeP36t48m;
Rank within sector tkn:RYtd; tkn:Rt12M; tkn:R12t24M; tkn:R24t36M; tkn:R36t48M;
Quartile tkn:QYtd; tkn:Qt12M; tkn:Q12t24M; tkn:Q24t36M; tkn:Q36t48M;
12 month high tkn:YearHigh; (tkn:CurrencyName;) 12 month low tkn:YearLow; (tkn:CurrencyName;)
Risk Statistics
Volatility Alpha Beta Sharpe Tracking Error Information Ratio R2
tkn:FundNameInTable; tkn:Volatility; tkn:Alpha; tkn:Beta; tkn:Sharpe; tkn:TrackingError; tkn:InformationRatio; tkn:Rsquared;
  •  Faller
  •  Riser
  •  No change
  • new  New entry
  •  Faller
  •  Riser
  •  No change
  • new  New entry
  •  Faller
  •  Riser
  •  No change
  • new  New entry
  •  Faller
  •  Riser
  •  No change
  • new  New entry